Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My hommage Paris. As a francophile who once lived there and feels strong ties to this beautiful city of light, I knew I had to pay homage in some small way. What else but to create something and write a little bit about my feelings.
I'd had the chipboard tower for about 15 years and never used it despite taking photos of the eiffel tower every timeI'm in Paris. I'd obviously been saving it for some unknown reason that suddenly became clear after the events of last week. I am so used to hearing about daily bombings and terrorist attempts but when it happens in Europe so close to home it is shocking in the true sense of the word. 


  1. Gorgeous - I love the way you've incorporated the French flag on to the tower. Such a tragic event.

  2. A very fitting way to express your feelings for Paris :) Love the way you've journaled onto the tower. P x

  3. Beautiful Karen, Love the journaling on the tower.