Monday, 14 March 2016

Retreat time again.

Yes it was the weekend for the Forest Hills retreat again. This twice a year event comes round very quickly. I am posting 3 of the layouts I did and keeping the rest for another photo heavy post using round 2 of the RKG class which I am re-doing-watch this space. The first layout was for the 2nd challenge that we were set which incorporated three circles. I interpreted it my own way and used three vases of flowers instead.

the next one is of a very rainy day last summer in Malaga. Rain in Málaga who would have thought it? this is a Kaisercraft lift using their latest range.

Lastly a Like Forever inspired layout using one of their earliest kits.

I am so glad to be going away next week as I am desperately short of photos. Hopefully I'll capture some gooduns so I can KEEP SCRAPPING!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New class.(Photo heavy)

I've just completed a new online class involving 15 sketches complete with 30 videos as well as extra versions of the layouts. It's fun to follow a sketch but change it so it fits in with your own ideas. Im feeling very virtuous because I've managed to use so much stash-even finishing some kits and have done them all within 2 weeks. I actually quite like most of them too. Not sure about the mixed media one tho'. It didn't come out quite as I'd imagined it. Here are my 15 -yes 15 layouts before I start again.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

2nd post in as many days!!!!!!!

Following on from the other day when mojo was present, I forgot to post this one inspired by  the Like Forever Kit layouts and using the first kit I got from them. I added some die cuts from my stash for the title.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hello poor neglected blog.

So easy to get distracted by life and not by the fun things. It was crop day yesterday and as always I got fired up and produced more when I got home. I'm following an online class at the moment involving using all those pesky die-cuts that we normally end up throwing away. When completed I will put them all on here but in the meantime here is what I did at home in the evening:
The first one was a quality time lunch with my eldest in Manchester. Loverly.

The second one is also of Michael and was taken on christmas day at my sister in law's house where we had a great time.

This third one is of hubby's niece who is just the nicest young lady-love her to bits. The idea for this one came from somewhere but I can't remember where so can't credit.

Hope you likey. Thanks for looking and see you soon.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

I remember

a few weeks ago now before I became newly obsessed with knitting. My husband says it happens every few years and when he saw my knitting needles out asked me how long I would be knitting for this time? Several scarfs, shawls and cards later I decide today to scrap a photo of son no.1. 
Admittedly it felt a bit strange to get the ol' sprays out but it was fun to do so.

Friday, 18 December 2015

more wedding

Clive's nephew got married in the summer and I managed to catch this photo of the bride and groom with Michael having a good time. It looks like they are singing along to Bruce as this is their normal Bruce stance.
I saw this layout whilst blog surfing and knew I wanted to lift it-the colours cry out to me-adding some die cuts around the photo itself.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

weird and wonderful

So, you know I love weird and wonderful arty things and what better than this great ape or the reflection of a car wheel in a puddle, both begging to be photographed.

Not so weird but most definitely wonderful is a rare lunch with No.1 son.