Monday, 14 March 2016

Retreat time again.

Yes it was the weekend for the Forest Hills retreat again. This twice a year event comes round very quickly. I am posting 3 of the layouts I did and keeping the rest for another photo heavy post using round 2 of the RKG class which I am re-doing-watch this space. The first layout was for the 2nd challenge that we were set which incorporated three circles. I interpreted it my own way and used three vases of flowers instead.

the next one is of a very rainy day last summer in Malaga. Rain in Málaga who would have thought it? this is a Kaisercraft lift using their latest range.

Lastly a Like Forever inspired layout using one of their earliest kits.

I am so glad to be going away next week as I am desperately short of photos. Hopefully I'll capture some gooduns so I can KEEP SCRAPPING!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New class.(Photo heavy)

I've just completed a new online class involving 15 sketches complete with 30 videos as well as extra versions of the layouts. It's fun to follow a sketch but change it so it fits in with your own ideas. Im feeling very virtuous because I've managed to use so much stash-even finishing some kits and have done them all within 2 weeks. I actually quite like most of them too. Not sure about the mixed media one tho'. It didn't come out quite as I'd imagined it. Here are my 15 -yes 15 layouts before I start again.