Thursday, 30 April 2015

last but by no means least

My favourite of them all. So much so that it is hanging, framed in my hall. I love everything about it-from the process to the colours I chose and of course the guy who devised it-(you may remember I'm just a tad infatuated). So here is the second of the two Carabelle classes I did.

Again, lots of inky, messy, painty, time consuming work. Look out for my own version coming soon.

Monday, 27 April 2015


The third class was very interesting to do as it entailed alcohol inking a piece of acrylic to make the blue background and then alcohol inking shapes to represent the buildings and  drawing the windows and doors in with a posca pen. The sun at the top was done by blowing alcohol ink.We then had to  stamp the squiggly houses on cardstock and intricately cut them out before sticking them on a piece of white 12x12 making sure to position them so that they looked as though they were sitting on the buildings on the acrylic that was to be placed over the top. We then drew various lines etc to highlight them but on the acrylic not the card if that make sense. We also did some stamping on craft which was placed on the front of the acrylic to give it all some dimension. This was a very interesting, intricate layout to do but I enjoyed it primarily because it is perhaps not something I would have got the chance to do elsewhere. 

Last one next time.

Friday, 24 April 2015

the second class

The idea for layout in the post below was initiated by having taken Ayeeda's class as my second class at VS. Here is what I did:

Loved every second of creating this with lots of yummy 13@rts products. There were only a few of us in this session so we got to play with everything Ayeeda generously provided.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

April Challenge 29 13@rts

Having done a class with Ayeeda in Paris it seems fitting to enter her challenge with a layout done in her style that uses a photo of us together-taken at the event. I do hope I've done her proud. I've tried several techniques that she showed us and used lots of her products. The challenge is based on using your favourite colour. Hmm, difficult as I have several but I guess if push came to shove-and it would have to be a big shove- it would be purple. Just don't tell pink, turquoise or lime green.

I used:
Paper "Travel map"- on the back 
Paper "Forever skies"-the reverse for a nice neutral base 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Version Scrap 2015...

... was simply amazing and I would go again tomorrow if only I could afford it. It's certainly not cheap. Was it worth it? You bet. The workshops are expensive but worthwhile for all the techniques, products to try out that maybe aren't available over here or are but not easily accessible, people to meet or just see from afar. I had an absolute ball. Workshop no.1 was Alexis Toupet who IS Carabelle Designs and what an absolutely lovely guy. 
Truth be told nobody finished any of the workshops I did in the time allowed but we did enough so that we could finish off at home or in my case at the hotel.

Stencilling, stamping, inking, painting, dribbling-not literally, cutting, misting, distress inks, Caran d'Ache neos. Fun fun fun. Loved it.
Workshop 2 tomorrow.