Wednesday, 27 February 2013

kaiser BTP

Kaisercraft do lots of lovely Beyond The page items for altering and I finally managed to get my hands on the 10 x 10 frame. This project is from one of the Kaisercraft workshop mags and I loved the fresh green colour  as soon as I saw it. It is more or less the same as the original but not entirely. the butterflies are different ones and I have used 2 sayings where they use only one. Now all i do is have to find an inch or 12 of wall space.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

merly challenge

I quite like having a sketch to follow or adapt and even more so when it's a challenge as is this one. I have quite a few pics from the weekend spent with my niece and youngest son. Here is one of them using Kaiser's Pickled Pear.

Having used this photo last time I did this challenge I've used it again for my niece's album.

Please go and partake in the challenge. The more of us the merrier and the prize up for grabs is fabulous for those of us who like a bit of stash.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

St. Petersburg

My cousin's son has gone off to spend some months in St. Petersburg as part of his degree course. When I heard he was going I immediately got the album out to show them the photos we took when we were there to give them an idea of what he would encounter. I was quite surprised to see how few I had scrapped so set about to remedy that. Then I realised that most of the photos we took were of the Hermitage gallery anyway. Nevertheless they had to be scrapped so here is the first.

Monday, 18 February 2013

balance is restored

White balance that is. The difference is obvious in this photo of a layout I posted yesterday and the only reason I am re-posting it is because it is for the Merly challenge and I didn't want to upload  yesterday's version. Now you can see it was actually done on Kraft card.
My niece and younger son get on really well despite the 8 year difference in their ages. They had both been eating blue sweets and were pulling blue tongues at each other-a good time for a photo. they are daft.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

didn't we have a lovely day ?

Go on admit it,  you are now singing. Lol (or should I say lol lol lol lol-Michele?).
Well we did. This idea of doing a workshop at the crop seems to be working out very well. Even if the thought of preparing a class has frightened a few people!!!!!! So yesterday was Emma's turn and she prepared a layout for us using very bright papers-talk about out of my comfort zone. Anyway in the instructions were 2 layouts that Emma had also done to finish the papers off. They may have been out of my comfort zone but they were certainly not out of my liking. So here we are with the class layout first.


Here is the second one I did using the same papers:

and the third which I have to say was my favourite even thought the colours here don't do it justice. The background is kraft cardstock so that gives you an idea of how distorted the colours are for some reason. the look ok in iPhoto and adobe but not on my blog for some reason. The title is cousins tho it looks like couging due to the shadows.

Before everyone got there and we could start I did this one using Kaisercraft 75 cents papers:

and then when I got home I was still in the mood for playing so did this one using the bits and pieces of paper that were over from the class:

This last one is based on the sketch that is the Merly challenge for this month. I think I can safely say that it was quite a productive day! All the photos were of a weekend I spent with my niece when we went to visit son no.2 in Leamington.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


I've never known quite what to do with all the stickers that are left over on a sheet after using the ones that I originally buy the sheet for. In the case of Secret Admirer word stickers I noticed that quite a few of them were appropriate to the same theme and so came up with this idea to use them up. Well not quite all of them but a large amount. 
Sorry the picture is so blurred-my rotten photo skills again. I took endless amounts of this layout and they were all blurred so this is the best of a bad bunch. 
Anyway I reckon you get the idea.