Saturday, 28 June 2014

wet and miserable outside

So what is a scrapper to do?  Scrap! 
Another of Michael on his 23rd birthday and I daresay there will be more but it makes a change from Japan. I've used this sketch from Challenge 127 at CSI:

I've missed all the latest challenges but was finding it a bit of a pressure doing something every week and having to fit in with the restrictions which, I suppose, is the point of a challenge. However, you either have the photos to fit with the theme or you don't and I all to often didn't. So, here he is:

Right, on with the next one. Still Michael, still on his birthday :-) 

Monday, 23 June 2014

While .... scrappy pals did the next two layouts I did these-or at least I started them anyway. I used Travel Girl papers from October Afternoon. Rather apt, I thought, seeing as Sarah is a travel girl at the moment. (Can't remember whose layout inspired this one but if it's yours let me know).

Then I did this one of Michael at 23. I like to record each birthday. One day we will look back through the albums to see how they have (or haven't) changed!! Might wait for the future wife so I can embarrass them suitably :-))

I used the same range of papers as the one above. It's a family tradition that we go to PX on our birthdays but this year there were only the two of us to indulge. Bonding time!!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Where was I going

when I did this? Another layout that just started and ended without any plan. Not sure about it but heh! It'll do. I seems to be saying less of that these days but it still applies sometimes!!!
Photo is of my gorgeous girl (niece) Sarah in the tube in Tokyo. I love the way hubby has captured her amongst all the other passengers.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

saturday get together

On Saturday at Hazel Grove I set the class this time and with the permission of Ness at Papermaze we  lifted this from the blog:

I loved it as soon as I saw it on the blog and knew I would have to do it. I had to adapt it because a) I always do and b) not all the products were still available. It tells the story of our first day in Tokyo and meeting up with a cousin, and his beautiful daughter, who I had not seen for years as he moved out there about 40 years ago.
Because I hate wasting the leftovers I set this using all the remnants:

We could not get over the snow when we got there. Although we didn't expect bright sunshine we hoped it would at least be dry.

So whilst they were doing those I did this:

Agemaki is the courtesan heroine of a play shown at a Kabuki theatre in Tokyo. In the Edo Museum there is a replica of the theatre and the stage. I had to finish this layout  at home to go with this one:

I loved the display of wigs that were used as well as the costumes, the designs of which all tell a tale understood by the audience at that time.

There were more layouts done- watch this space.