Sunday, 8 June 2014

saturday get together

On Saturday at Hazel Grove I set the class this time and with the permission of Ness at Papermaze we  lifted this from the blog:

I loved it as soon as I saw it on the blog and knew I would have to do it. I had to adapt it because a) I always do and b) not all the products were still available. It tells the story of our first day in Tokyo and meeting up with a cousin, and his beautiful daughter, who I had not seen for years as he moved out there about 40 years ago.
Because I hate wasting the leftovers I set this using all the remnants:

We could not get over the snow when we got there. Although we didn't expect bright sunshine we hoped it would at least be dry.

So whilst they were doing those I did this:

Agemaki is the courtesan heroine of a play shown at a Kabuki theatre in Tokyo. In the Edo Museum there is a replica of the theatre and the stage. I had to finish this layout  at home to go with this one:

I loved the display of wigs that were used as well as the costumes, the designs of which all tell a tale understood by the audience at that time.

There were more layouts done- watch this space.


  1. Both LOs are lovely - I really enjoyed doing them. I love your Agemaki LO and corresponding project life spread!

  2. My goodness, you were clearly on a roll! Fascinating to see those costumes ... I love your left-overs page as much as your first one. That last one has a Project Life feel - as you doing PL?

  3. Another productive playdate - though I'm guessing the first two pages were done ahead of time by you! Good to see the PL spreads are still working for you.

    P.S. We missed you this weekend - I drank your health ;-)