Sunday, 27 April 2014


Cue for a song? not really, yesterday was our crafty get-together. I love it. I didn't do very much but it was great anyway. I did do this layout for the Kaiser weekly challenge. Not one I've done before but just fancied having a go. It's based on this sketch:

 I decided to miss the hexagons as I'd already done on like that so went for punching the circles out of one of the new Kaiser ranges.

It tells the tale of our first meal and our last meal in Japan.

Did the next lot a while ago but forgot  to upload them.
This one speaks for itself.

You can't imagine the enormity of Mount Fuji until you actually see it. It is immense and very overwhelming.

and lastly, a view of Tokyo taken from one of the two towers of the Governmental building:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Washi tape

Got to admit, I love wash tape but hardly ever use it. In Japan you can find it in abundance, every colour, every width and every price. Far too much choice for someone who, when faced with choice, runs away from making a decision. I did get us some but couldn't make too make decisions so limited myself to taking photographs of it instead.

I used the Scrap365 sketch for this layout.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I can still find my way around my blog. Amazing because it's been so long since I had anything to blog but last month Michele and I went on a retreat. Mojo was not with us but thankfully lots of nice people were and so we did our best to produce.
First up is a layout I did having challenged Jemma who was sharing our table, to move out of her comfort zone and take inspiration from what I was doing and I would do something graphic from looking at the layout she was doing. 
So here we are:

The story is that we went to the Todai-Ji temple in Nara and had the opportunity of writing on a roof tile to be used when the present tiles need replacing. It was probably a tourist thing to do but to me it felt quite spiritual (despite my middle name being Cynical). 

In Japan there are, as one would expect lots of shops specialising in fans and, in fact, one of the first shops we came across was indeed a fan shop.

Not the most beautiful of the ones we saw but just the first one.

Everything they do in Japan is done beautifully or maybe that should read 'prettily'. we came across quite a few shops in Kyoto selling jars of sweets like these ones:

This latter layout was inspired, I think, by a challenge but can't quite remember where I saw it now. It'll cop me to me. Credits to you if its yours. Let me know.

There were more layouts done on the day but they are not quite finished so I may return sooner than I have this time. TFL.