Wednesday, 15 October 2014

its been a while

Before I forget how to use blogger and PSE, I thought I'd better post something before people think I've disappeared. Last weekend was our monthly get together and for a change we did something arty rather than scrap. Having watched Leandra at work we had a go at producing similar backgrounds using Paperartsy paints and stamps. Nowhere near as good of course but heh, it was our first time.
This was my first attempt:

Now for the second go:
Hmmmm not at all sure I like those colours. So not me.

Try again:
Yeh, thats more my comfort zone.

So then we had a go at Emma Godfrey's technique. She was demoing next to Leandra and I didn't get to watch her but whilst I was watching Leandra my partner in craft was watching Emma.

Love the colours but not so sure about the size of the flowers.

As a wise woman once said "it's only a piece of card. it doesn't matter if it goes wrong".