Sunday, 13 December 2015

weird and wonderful

So, you know I love weird and wonderful arty things and what better than this great ape or the reflection of a car wheel in a puddle, both begging to be photographed.

Not so weird but most definitely wonderful is a rare lunch with No.1 son.


  1. As a fan of the weird, wonderful & arty myself - I can completely relate lol. Beautiful layouts. Love the graphic design of the one with No. 1 son. That's the kind of design I would love to scrap with. P xx

  2. Fab LOs - I particularly like the colour combination you've used with the cut file on the last one!

  3. Woah, such great diamond shapes with the clever colours behind. That's a lovely photo of your DS ...

  4. Three fabulously YOU pages - such a quirky madam!
    Happy New Year x