Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hello poor neglected blog.

So easy to get distracted by life and not by the fun things. It was crop day yesterday and as always I got fired up and produced more when I got home. I'm following an online class at the moment involving using all those pesky die-cuts that we normally end up throwing away. When completed I will put them all on here but in the meantime here is what I did at home in the evening:
The first one was a quality time lunch with my eldest in Manchester. Loverly.

The second one is also of Michael and was taken on christmas day at my sister in law's house where we had a great time.

This third one is of hubby's niece who is just the nicest young lady-love her to bits. The idea for this one came from somewhere but I can't remember where so can't credit.

Hope you likey. Thanks for looking and see you soon.


  1. Beautiful layouts Karen, you definitely were on fire after the crop :D xx

  2. Lovely LO's - I particularly like all the bright colours used on the third one.

  3. Ahh, lovely to see these special young people receiving such sustained and artistic attention - I especially like your middle one. Hoping the creative energy keeps going ...

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