Monday, 2 November 2015

good morning.

Every time I come down the stairs I am greeted by Jemima  perched on the arm of the couch looking at me from the lounge. It never ceases to make me smile. Today a visitor told me how lovely it was to catch sight of her and I agree. I saw the kit at Event City and knew straight away that she had to be mine even though I really have no affinity or bond to geese and actually don't like most birds very much at all. She didn't take me long to make-blanket stitch learned in primary school, and I'm so pleased I gave into temptation.


  1. Haha Glad you overcame your dislike of birds to make Jemima. Looks like a fun kit to have done :) P xx

  2. Ah, she is indeed very sweet. Hurrah for temptation! Now you have rediscovered your stitching skills, who knows where else that will take you :).

  3. Yayyy,.!!! Absolutely wonderful.. Well done you, jemima looks fabulous xx