Thursday, 12 November 2015

...and round 2.

Just before the sky clouded over and submerged the house in a veil of darkness I managed to take some photos of a few more of the layouts I did over the weekend.
Steven and Sarah are always silly when they get together. Not sure whether I did this for him or for her- you lose track after a while!

Having said that, Steven can be very silly even when he is not with Sarah. Not sure why he felt the need to balance a teaspoon on his nose but he did. I lifted this from Hey Little Magpie blog as I loved the papers.

At the beginning of the year the Crafty Gals all did a sewing workshop together in Poynton-remember the Paris bags I made? At the retreat one of the girls was about to throw out the remnants of a sticker sheet with lots of sewing words. I couldn't let her do that so used them on this layout. Here we all are showing our bags:

I love this photo that a cousin took of me and Steven at a recent family wedding. Speaks for itself really.

thats all for now. Back with more soon. TFL


  1. Such a sweet photo of you and Steven :). And although the pink page is really striking with all that feminine gorgeousness in and out of the photo, my eye keeps being drawn to the top one and your clever (VERY clever) use of that striped corner to pull the eye down to the happy pair in the photo and echo the lines of the ceiling behind their heads.

  2. More fun and entertaining layouts to add to your scrapbooks :) You've certainly found your mojo P xx

  3. Fab - I didn't enough notice you doing the last one!