Saturday, 14 November 2015

....and round 3

I thought I'd better put a few more on than just 3 otherwise this will take forever. Yes, it was a very productive retreat for all of us. Not wanting to subscribe to a regular kit, I had decided for the retreat, that I would look at various kits and then I bought the items from stores in UK. Much cheaper way of doing things I'm afraid. So first up is a photo of Steven and me on our way from Canterbury to Whitstable on the bus. What an experience.. Over-reliant on my car, I had no idea what to ask for. Back in my public transport days I'd ask for a 25p ticket or 'two stops please'. I now have no idea what to do. These days you can get a return and there appears to be one price. Who knew? Back in the day you could smoke on the upper deck-not these days (thank goodness). I've never known what difference a set of stairs make to one's health. Anyway here we are, a selfie on the bus:

It was a beautiful day, just right for sitting by the sea 

and day dreaming. Well Steven did anyway. I just took the opportunity to take photos of him:

Eventually even Steven had to admit that it was too hot to wear his beloved coat:

Round 4 next time. Yes, there are more to come. Just how many photos can you take?!!!!!


  1. All lovely! I love the blue papers you have used on the LOs featuring the cut files.

  2. Some lovely mother and son togetherness here :). Your "With You" is especially striking, with those cut papers which give the effect of waves on the background. Is there a word play on Sun/Son Fun? How many can we take? Just keep 'em coming :).

  3. Cripes! On days I did go to crops, I could only manage one layout. I'm impressed with your wonderful output of beautiful pages. I share an affinity with Steven, for sitting by the sea and daydreaming. Listening to waves is my favourite sound. P xx