Friday, 21 October 2011

several hours later

I think I must be a glutton for punishment or else I just love pressure. I signed up for yet another swap over on UKS. Somehow it had slipped through my net and I didn't see it until a couple of days ago. The submit by date was far too soon so Kitty Crafts kindly moved the date for me and signed me up. The brief is to make 10 tag sized rectangles, leaving the left side clear for binding or book rings,and 2 covers which Kitty will then collate and make into a book. so here is my offering:

It is totally inspired by Paula whose creations are gorgeous, very feminine and ephemeral. Hope the recipients like it.
I need to go and pack for tomorrow's crop. This is another pressure because needing to clear my desk I just put everything into a laundry basket. Should be fun sorting that out-NOT!


  1. Gorgeous images and colours, really lovely. Good luck with that laundry basket! X

  2. Simply beautiful. I love the softness of the pinks and whites. Good luck with packing for tomorrow. I haven't started yet. I'd better get my backside in gear cos I don't want to pack anything too weighty. See ya tomorrow. Px

  3. Sorry I missed this at the time! Very delicate ... How is the box coming along?