Friday, 7 October 2011

A recent visit

The latest visit to The Bean and Brush produced this cup and saucer along with the tea plate. Not sure I would want to eat or drink from such a vibrant coloured trio but I certainly had great fun making them and the bonus was that they have turned out just as I expected them to. What to do next time?!


  1. Now don't these look absolutely fabulous. I can see you've been having fun at the bean & brush. The set looks perfect for placing little pink cakes onto or salmon sandwiches, washed down with rosehip tea. If you're off to Port Sunny tomorrow, I'll hopefully bump into you :) Pxx

  2. They're fab! It's always a nice surprise to see how the colours change once they've been in the kiln. I've used mine already :)

  3. hey, great to see you have a blog! And glad you got your own cup and saucer back. It's fab, love the birds, great choice of lace :)