Monday, 31 October 2011

How lucky am I?

The answer is 'very'. For ages now I have wanted to have a go with Pan pastels without having to go to the expense of buying them so when I saw a class giving that very opportunity at LB Crafts I immediately signed up for it. Even better was that it was the day after another very tempting class. So off we went. When I say 'we' I do of course mean my partner in crime Michele and I.
I won't go into the fiasco concerning the B&B that we booked but didn't stay at even tho' we wish we had-enough said.
The 2 classes we did were great and I will eventually finish the one I feel needs a bit more adding to it due to my colour choice but for now here are the Pan pastel tags I did. I loved using the pastels and the effect they give but was not particularly happy with what I did with them. Anyone who knows me will know that the one on the left as you look is my favourite. Here they are anyway.


  1. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!!! Looks as if you had a brilliant time and the tags you've come back with are simply wonderful. l love all those vibrant colours you've incorporated and the collaged arty style. Px

  2. And what a lovely time we had :) Fabby tags too!

  3. OOOOO Fabulous! Love them all and I adore that Lynne Perella stamp. Gorgeous colours!

  4. Never heard of pan pastels but you'd clearly mastered them quickly - these are lovely. I like the one on the right very much too. :)