Tuesday, 19 June 2012


What do you do when your spray won't spray? Answer = you flick so that's what I did on this layout of my 3 boys who, you will know if you read my ramblings, comprise of my 2 and Mike's best friend who calls me 'mummy 2'. So here they are watching the match on Mike's birthday.This second layout has been inspired (aka lifted almost but not quite exactly) by Tracie's on Sarah's blog. (Unfortunately there is no email to contact Tracie so if she sees this and wants me to take it off I will-just let me know). I love the simplicity yet vibrancy of her layout and wanted to replicate it so here we are. the papers are from Sarah's Cards. It is showing the highlight of Mike's birthday being his present from son no. 3.


  1. Fab LOs! Love the papers, very bright and sunny.

  2. lovely LO and bright cheerful colours, I spend time running my misters under the hot tap so I think I'll just flick as well although knowing me I'll get it everywhere

  3. Wonderful LOs, very fresh and youthful. Love the flicked spray mist idea lol. Px