Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Before my mum died she was sort of guardian for my niece and nephew so the bond between them was very special. She and my niece especially were very close-both artistic and creative, they had a lot in common and adored each other. I think this photo of them taken a few years ago shows the bond between them and their affection for each other.This second layout is of Sarah again with hubby and younger son. I Don't think Sarah could wish for a better uncle. He loves her like she is his own and does so much for her. It is the only photo of them and I think he was actually secretly chuffed when she ran over to him for a photo.


  1. Lovely photos, beautifully displayed.

  2. Yet more lovely layouts. You really are on a roll at the moment. Pass some of that mojo to the rest of us lol. Px