Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hanging Garden

When in London over the summer, to see War Horse (highly recommend it-unbelievable), we saw this piece of garden hanging on scaffolding outside the national Gallery. The photo does not do it justice or show the size of it. In reality the colours are bright and vivid with a mix of greens and tiny bits of purple-pink at the bottom.
What better way to use Victoria Gardens paper. Despite having only boys I have a penchant for pretty girly papers. Thankfully most of our holiday photos are of sites and sights that lend themselves to my preferred softer ranges.
(I did mention to hubby that maybe we should have another child in the hope that it would be a girl. He was not amused)!


  1. Beautiful page. I love how you have layered it, and I'm very impressed by your cutting out, but then I know that you enjoy doing that so much. ;-)

  2. Another child!!!???? Are you mad!!!!!?? lol. That aside :) This is a fabulous layout and as you say, a great excuse to dig out your more feminine stash. Love the display of pink flowers. Pxx

  3. V pretty - I love the contrast of the soft pink flowers and embellishments against the green background.

  4. oh my, there's a lot of carefully work - you manage to combine patterns so well.