Sunday, 20 November 2011


Well I certainly am. I have never know whether or not I have a style and I think these layouts prove that I don't. I love the Prima/Webster's Pages style with lots of layering and ephemera dotted around. I take inspiration from the likes of Rachael Elliott and Ingvild Bolme who is the inspiration behind this particular layout

However, at the crop on Saturday I was fired up by what Emma was doing. In fact, so inspired was I that I came home and set to, producing this very different layout. Shimelle is encouraging us to use scraps so I have used the bits and pieces left over from the 2 prima layouts that I have done. The lonesome duck can just be seen at the bottom of the photo on the right.

So, my question is: Am I the only one with no particular style? Will I ever find my niche? Until then I continue to take inspiration from others around me producing non-perfect creations that are fine and will do for me.


  1. great take on the spots! Mine is on my blog now so we can compare results! Glad I lit some scrapping fires & I look forward to watching your style (or non-style!!)unfolding xx

  2. Both layouts are wonderful and show you have an eclectic style. I'm sure you're not alone. Hang on in there, one day, someone will write a book/design a class specifically at crafters who manage to successfully pull off a variety of design styles and can't be tied to just one. You'll then be able to see there are plenty others in the same boat. Px

  3. Two very different, but equally fab LOs! (and they look pretty perfect to me x)

  4. Hi Karen, I didn't realise you had a blog or I would have been over here a lot sooner!!! Gorgeous pages, I love all the detail you have added in the first and the dots in the second are fab!