Friday, 6 March 2015

one of these fine days arrived...

...or should I say nights as I was up until the early hours. Once I start I can't stop. Much as I love Littl'un I'm afraid she just won't be big enough for Paris so had to have a mate:

Now if you are wondering why I made another given that Big'un looks exactly the same as Littl'un then think again:

I wanted to be able to get a 12x12 box (which is actually slightly bigger than 12x12) inside. In fact I wanted to be able to get 2 boxes in. I also wanted to put a double thickness interfaced pocket inside so I did:

Feeling very good about it as it was made with the John Lewis toy machine I bought way back when and had never even opened. Given that it says it is only suitable for lightweight material I think it did very well to take all the thickness' involved.
May well do more of these. What for I know not but does that matter?


  1. Fab! Love the way you've carefully planned it to fit not one, but two, 12 x 12 boxes in lol

  2. As gorgeous as it's smaller cousin :) I still love that beautiful fabric, especially with your choice of bright red lining. You are going to be much admired in Paris. Px

  3. Beautiful ... And you ARE going to Paris? Wow! I'd be holding onto these tight :).