Sunday, 15 April 2012

Websters Pages

are just made for the scrapper with lots of girly photos to scrap. That would be me then.... Err I think not. However my aunt who moved house recently found lots of photos from my childhood and earlier and gave them to me. Perfect. the first one is of me and mum in the garden. No idea how old I am but just looking at this photo makes me smile. Not sure why really. Maybe cos there we are on what must be a summer day in the garden each doing our own thing. Mum looks like she is sewing which was how I remember her most: always with some sort of needle in her hand-be it knitting, crochet, tapestry, petit-point or just plain old stitching. It looks like someone, probably dad, is making me laugh and grabbing my attention. Happy days.

this second photo is of me and my sister with our 3 cousins on the beach somewhere-again I have no idea how old we all are but I can remember lots of fun times with them. (Sorry about the reflection but you get the idea).

Perfect excuse to use girlie papers. More to come!
(inspiration from My Creative Scrapbook).


  1. Lovely LOs! Lots of new photos to scrap - perfect! Look forward to seeing the results :)

  2. Two fantastic layouts, brimming with lovely memories worth recording. Love the photo of you with your Mum. I can see why you adore Websters pages, as you say, they are a perfect match for you. What a bonus for you to have been given a new stock of girly photos to inspire. Pxx

  3. Gorgeous LOs. Love Websters pages stuff and how exciting to get some girly photos. X

  4. Gorgeous pages Karen and love the old photos of you! What a great find by your Aunt!

  5. Beautiful pages and very excited for you to have girly pics to scrap - and ones with such lovely memories too :)