Monday, 16 April 2012


I have no idea when this photo was taken or how old we were and I'm rubbish at guessing ages-I'm more of a 'word' person than a 'numbers' person. If there are more than 6 people in a room I have no idea if there are 10 or 110. Same thing with age-I am hopeless at guessing someone's age. Dates and phone numbers are beyond me except, weirdly enough, I can remember all the phone numbers that were important to me when I was younger. Perhaps it's to do with having so many more things to store in my head now such as what to get the kids for tea, whether I have washed and ironed all the necessary items of clothing and whether this bill or that bill is paid etc etc.
Anyway, I digress. Here is the photo of my sister and me. I am the younger one on the left as you look-incase you can't tell. A rare occasion when I can see a likeness between myself and my son, Michael-interesting!
More Webster's Pages and Prima. Only 2 more to go but it's too late to photo them now.



  1. Fantastic layout, love the embellishments and your arrangement of them. I can completely relate to being a "word" person and not a "numbers" one. I have the exact same symptoms you describe lol. I can see solutions to anagrams but I can't tell if an answer to a sum is nearer 100 or 1000. The tax man loves me haha. Pxx

  2. What a gorgeous page ... and your circle just focuses the eye brilliantly. I wouldn't have guessed: I thought that was you on the left (as you look at the photo)!

  3. Very nice! Definitely see the likeness between you and Michael. You look about 10, I reckon :)

  4. Hiya, what a fabulous layout, you and your sister share a great likeness. I don't do numbers either, hated maths at schools and still dislike anything to do with figures, unless I happen to win the lottery, now I would certainly remember those numbers LOL. XX