Sunday, 18 September 2011


I spent an evening recently with my partner in crime Michele (link on sidebar-haven't worked out yet how to add it to the post but I will) and we made a butterfly which is now hanging on the wall outside my house. We have been back twice now to the Bean and Brush in Sale. I will try and upload a picture of the second item we made later. It was so therapeutic to just sit and paint. The surprise was that in the firing of the butterfly the glazes merged such that they came out completely different to how they went into the kiln. Great fun.


  1. Gorgeous butterfly! Definitely feel we could get hooked on ceramic painting. Can't wait to see the results of our cup and saucer set - I feel a whole dinner service coming on! x

  2. Wow - that's really pretty ... How big is it? Lovely to be able to display your art!

  3. Gorgeous, you clever girl. Love S xxx