Sunday, 9 August 2015

The good ol' days

Over on Facebook  Julia posted her first layout with a challenge to us all-show and tell. So I got my first scrapbook out and had a look. Oh dear. I am blushing but if it's good enough for us to see the first pages of other people then we have to be prepared to show our own. Whether or not they are prepared for what is about to be shown is another matter. 
I could change my pages and start again but I'm not going to. After all, in twenty years time trends will have changed again and I'm sure I will look back and be slightly embarrassed by today's creations.
So here we go: My very first layout of son no.1 who was just the cutest baby I'd ever seen.

Don't you love how we used to cut our photos into shapes and then matt them? We all did it. He seemed so tiny-he was tiny -in our big bed.

Then of course, we had the double page layout that was a must. How times have changed.

More shaped photos. Cardstock was the main ingredient. Oh and punches galore. just look at the balloon punch used to echo the balloons that the monkey on his wall was holding. I made the monkey and balloons from felt because there were monkeys climbing the wallpaper of Michael's room. Michael never had a dummy as comfort but he did have a brown monkey (a subject of another scrapbook layout) for years. I say 'did have' but actually the monkey still sits in his bedroom 20+ years later. (How many years?)

Finally, we have K&Co paper. Oh how I loved this paper, soft, muted lilac with flowers and butterflies. So feminine, so not right for a boy but when he is with his best friend who is a girl.... I think I got away with using it.


  1. Aww these are lovely and yes I remember when we cut photos into shapes etc lol. A stark contrast to the stunning layouts you produce these days. My first ones are all in black and white and are very graphic in style, displaying photos of my cats. Great idea to think back to those first pages. P xx

  2. Thanks for sharing yours Karen. You've made me feel so much better! I love that we all had so much white space like your first one but it was I between everything rather than clustering it together like we do now. And the balloons to go with the balloons? I would have done that too! Love these and I agree - don't change them.

  3. They're a real blast from the past! How did we manage without all the inky splattering and stencilling we do now?

  4. Ah, I love a nice bit of nostalgia :). I'm a bit sad matting has gone! So do hang onto these ... and the photos, stories and sentiments are as valid as ever they were :). When i look back at mine, I can't work out why on earth I never noticed that the spacing inbetween the photos wasn't even!

  5. Ha ha - so different from your style today! I still do doubles though ... and I often mat photos ... what does that say about me?