Friday, 26 December 2014

Hi there..Its been a while...

Happy Festivities to anyone out there who still pops on here from time to time.
 At a retreat recently some of us ladies dusted off our scrapbooking stash and set to. Here is round one....still in Japan. I will finish recording it eventually but it was such a fantastic array of experiences that I don't want the memories to stop so, from time to time, I scrap another few pictures and my mind goes back to earlier this year when we were there for real. It seems much longer ago than this year though. 
So here are first few creations:
Difficult to see properly but the photo is of Old Kyoto. Meandering round the back streets where little canals ran and tiny wooden houses, often the living quarters for the Geishas, could be seen. Windows were lit up and in one or two places we could just make out  a geisha serving tea to her clients.
The girls in tradition kimono seen around Kyoto are not usually Geishas as they are rarely seen in daylight and at night quickly scurry to their client. 

This next one is of modern Kyoto and one of the big department stores just over the bridge that divides the old and the new. Again the lighting doesn't do this justice as the gold is so shiny both on the photo and the papers as well as the stamping.

I've scrapped the Fushimi temple before but a different view. This is the start to the temple and its thousands of gates. just another amazing experience.

In the art gallery that overlooks the Mount fuji we came across this painting. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the beauty and elegance of ladies faces and this painting was stunning:

Lastly a photo of a scene taken by hubby in which the colours and the reflections of the buildings are simply astounding. Love it.

It is, of course, straight. I just didn't take a straight photo of the layout.
See you next time. Thanks for looking.


  1. Beautiful layouts and quite a prolific output of pages!!! Must have been a brilliant retreat to have fired up your mojo. You'll soon have your Japanese album finished :)

  2. Wonderful LO's, an amazing trip indeed and you have done it justice with the pages.

  3. Fab photos, showcased perfectly on your gorgeous LOs! I love the way you've used the gold project life cards :)

  4. You have been busy!
    Especially like the last one with all the stamping etc

  5. Oh my goodness, these are all so different, and each really showcases your lovely photos ... I do like that golf one especially. This is going to be such a visually stunning album!

  6. Each more beautiful and unique layouts :) My favorite is the last one, but I think that won't surprise you as there is so much white space on that layout.
    Have a lovely day <3