Friday, 8 August 2014


I did these two also from ATDML's cyber crop. Turquoise and lime are two of my fave colours so I was bound to pick this one:

Finding girly pics is never easy and finding a pic to go with the quote was even harder but heh, it'll have to do:

Bit of fussy cutting going on with that one. Yay-we love fussy cutting-not.


  1. For someone who doesn't like fussy cutting, you are very good at it! The black and white is such a great contrast to the surrounding colours ... Love the lady in pink.

  2. Two further fabulous pages again. Wow, the cyber crop really spurred your creativity :) Great idea to use the same photo on a single page in both colour & BW, it makes a really novel focus point. Pxx

  3. Two fabulous pages dahling!